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Try before you buy! a/stateLite is the perfect introduction to the world of The City. Featuring background notes, information on a selection of city areas and power groups, as well as a streamlined version of the rules and character generation system. a/stateLite is completely playable in its own right and can be used with all the other a/state downloads available from this site.

At 73 pages (for a mere 930kb download!), packs enough information and artwork into its pages to get you started exploring the avenues, alleyways and canals of The City.

a/stateLite is split into the following chapters:

The Precepts: A look at the background and history of The City, with speeches, essays and explanatory articles.

The Place: Complete with a full map of The City, The Place contains six full detailed city areas, from the squalor of Mire End to the shining glory of Luminosity Tower.

The Power: A look at a small selection of the major business, criminal and religious organisations active in The City.

The Procedure: A streamlined, slimline version of the basic a/state rules system.

The Players: As with The Procedure, The Players is a streamlined version of the full a/state character generation rules.

The Product: A selection of some of the more common equipment and technology to be found in The City.


Click on the logo to download a/stateLite (1.2Mb)