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Welcome to 'The Circular'!

'The Circular' is our new eZine, dedicated to providing support for all our game lines, both existing and up and coming. However, 'The Circular' doesn't just offer articles related to our games. Within its pages, you'll find regular columns by members of the Contested Ground Studios staff and guest columns by various folks from the games industry. The columns cover a wide variety of topics of interest, from a look at how to get started in designing your own games to sources of influence and inspiration that have inspired CGS.

Then there are news articles from here in the CGS bunker, new product information, convention reports and lively editorials.



Issue 1 (click on the image to the left  to download, 4.64mb zip file)

The inaugural issue of 'The Circular'! 

 Issue 1 features:

The first regular columns by Contested Ground Studios  staff.
A first look at the upcoming 'Mob Justice' and 'Everlasting Empire' RPGs.
The latest news from Contested Ground Studios.
New a|state material.

And more!