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Hot War double ENnie Award 2009 nominee: Best Writing and Best Setting

I n t r o d u c t i o n    t o    t h e    w o r l d    o f    H o t    W a r

"This is a must have for anyone looking for a post apocalyptic game."
Josh Bazin, Planet Creations review

"This is my dream setting I never knew I wanted. Pitch-perfect art, with a really atmospheric series of '9 months after...', 
'10 months after...' diary entries, warning notices and ID papers."

Adrian Price, RPGnet

"I read the game last night and was really captivated."
Derek Johnston, RPGnet

"Woo! So excited."
John Harper, Story Games

"But the simple story-driven mechanics, emphasis on player input in setting building, and quality of what really was there won me over. 
Hot War won me over for doing well what it set out to do."

Shelby Babb, RPGnet review

"This is an absolutely marvelous game that fills me with envy."
Bruce Baugh, review at Tor Books


London. Winter. 1963.

It is a year since the Cold War went hot.

And this was not just a nuclear war.

Far more sinister, darker weapons were deployed from the shadows.

Survival and re-building are all that matter now. But human nature and tragic circumstances mean that everyone has their own ambitions.

...a Government desperate to hold on to what remains of the country.

...military forces who wish to expand their power and influence.

...frightened and brutalised refugees who simply want a place to call home.

Into this maelstrom steps the Special Situations Group, a motley band of men and women tasked with the jobs too dirty or dangerous for anyone else.

This is Hot War: A game of friends, enemies, secrets and consequences in the aftermath.

This alternative history/horror game for three or more participants has players dealing with life a year after the apocalypse. You'll confront hidden agendas, sinister factional machinations and see the changes in relations with friends and enemies.

Hot War allows both short term and campaign play, with a system that allows the group to work out exactly the kind of game they want to play amongst the wreckage of 1960s London.


Click here to listen to Malcolms interview with Robert Bohl for the Independent Insurgency podcast about all things Hot War


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